A. SERPENTINE BIKE RACK 0.9m (3’) high In-ground Surface-mount Length Capacity BR-117 BR-117B 0.5m (1’6”) 3 BR-120 BR-120B 1.1m (3’6”) 5 BR-126 BR-126B 1.7m (5’6”) 7 Available in larger capacities. B. URBAN BIKE RACK 0.9m (3’) high Surface-mount only. Model No. Loops Length Capacity BR-144 2 loops 0.9m (3’) 5 BR-145 3 loops 1.3m (4’) 6 BR-146 4 loops 1.6m (5’) 7 Available in larger capacities. C. RUGGED RACK 0.86m (2’10”) high Ideal for high capacity needs such as schools. Surface-mount only. BR-130 1.9m(6’3”) long. Capacity: 8 Available in larger capacities. H. BIKE POST 1.1m (3’6”) high, 0.6m (2’) wide BR-119 In-ground BR-119B Surface-mount E. “Z” BIKE RACK 0.8m (2’6”) high. Surface-mount only. BR-112 0.6m (2’) long. Capacity: 4 BR-116 1.6m (5’3”) long. Capacity: 8 G. CAAT RACK 0.9m (3’) high, 0.3m (1’3”) long BR-141 In-ground BR-141B Surface-mount  BR-141Custom In-ground BR-141BCustom Surface-mount D. SCOOTER RACK This durable rack secures up to 10 scooters. 0.6m (2’) high, 2.6m (8’6”) long BR-200 In-ground BR-200B Surface-mount H G E D F A C B F. SPIRAL BIKE RACK A functional bike rack with a stylish twist. 0.9m (3’) high, 1.3m (4’) long Capacity: 6 BR-118 In-ground BR-118B Surface-mount 133 Site Amenities | Bike & Scooter Racks Bike & Scooter Racks Secure scooters and bikes with our functional racks constructed of powder-coated steel.