129 Site Amenities | Outdoor Seating Ask us about accessible table designs. I.  TRASH RECEPTACLE C/W PLASTIC DOME LID 635mm (25”) wide PK-170D In-ground PK-170BD Surface-mount Trash can/liner not included. P. ORNATE BENCH PK-152 In-ground PK-152B Surface-mount O. CUSTOM BENCH Initial set-up fee applies. PK-151Custom In-ground PK-151CustomB Surface-mount Available with arm rests. K. LOW BENCH PK-150 In-ground PK-150B Surface-mount Available with arm rests. N. MEMORIAL BENCH Designed for embedded plaque (2” x 8” x 3/8”). Plaque not included. PK-151M In-ground PK-151MB Surface-mount Available with arm rests. L. PARK BENCH PK-151 In-ground PK-151B Surface-mount PK-151A In-ground with arm rests PK-151BA  Surface-mount with arm rests M. PARK BENCH PK-151E In-ground PK-151EB Surface-mount PK-151EA In-ground with arm rests PK-151EBA  Surface-mount with arm rests K L H I J N O P M H.  TRASH RECEPTACLE C/W STEEL LID 635mm (25”) wide PK-170S In-ground PK-170BS Surface-mount J.  TRASH RECEPTACLE W/ RAIN LID 635mm (25”) wide PK-170R in-ground PK170BR surface-mount Standard bench length is 1.5m (5’)