E. TAI CHI WHEELS A gentle exercise to improve mobility in upper arms and shoulders. FT-8039 In-ground FT-8039B Surface-mount Wheelchair Accessible FT-8039W In-ground FT-8039BW Surface-mount L. CORE STATION Ideal for a variety of core-strengthening exercises. FT-8010 In-ground FT-8010B Surface-mount J. WARM-UP STATION Offers multiple options for muscle warm-up, stretching and strength-building. FT-8023 In-ground FT-8023B Surface-mount F. JUMP TOUCH A fun cardio work-out and lower body strength builder. FT-8016 In-ground FT-8016B Surface-mount H.  PUSH-UP / REVERSE PUSH-UP Develops strength in upper body and core. FT-8022 In-ground FT-8022B Surface-mount J G K. HORIZONTAL LADDER Develops upper body strength and shoulder flexibility. FT-8028 In-ground FT-8028B Surface-mount L F H I G. PARALLEL BARS Builds upper body and core strength. FT-8006 In-ground FT-8006B Surface-mount I. HORIZONTAL BARS Four heights enable a variety of exercises for strength, cardio and flexibility. FT-8038 In-ground FT-8038B Surface-mount K E 123 Outdoor Fitness Amenities | IMPulse