C. AIR WALKER Supplies moderate aerobic/cardio exercise and improves flexibility with minimal stress on joints. FT-8041 In-ground FT-8041B Surface-mount B. CHEST PRESS An easy way to build upper body strength. Body weight of user provides natural resistance. FT-8040 In-ground FT-8040B Surface-mount A. MULTI-FIT Multiple users can perform a variety of exercises from pull-ups and dips to back extensions, squats and more. Promotes strength and flexibility. FT-8037 In-ground FT-8037B Surface-mount Not exactly as shown in photo. A Outdoor Fitness IMPulse fitness stations are crafted for durability and designed to provide a complete work-out. Detailed instructional signage ensures safe and effective usage. D. LOWER BODY COMBO Builds balance and strength through walking, step-up aerobics or two-foot plyo jumps. FT-8021 In-ground FT-8021B Surface-mount C Made in Canada B 122 www.blueimp.com | 1.800.661.1462 D