118 www.blueimp.com | 1.800.661.1462 REGULAR BEARING HANGER SP-14 89mm (3-1/2") beam SP-15 60mm (2-3/8") beam Galvanized ductile iron. Comes with oil-infused bronze bushings. WRAP-FREE BEARING HANGER SP-16 89mm (3-1/2”) O.D. beam Heavy-duty cast aluminum with a wide bearing surface. SOFT-EDGE SWING SEAT SP-525 Aluminum shell covered with resilient rubber. SLASH-PROOF BELT SEAT SP-526 Slash-proof bonded rubber with stainless steel grommets. SLASH-PROOF TOT SEAT SP-531 Slash-proof bonded rubber with steel fasteners. SWING SEAT PACKAGES 1.  Specify name and model number of swing (see p.116-117). 2.  Choose type of seat and bearing hanger (see table below). 3.  Specify quantity and code of each seat/bearing package. Seat Type With Regular Bearing Hanger With Wrap-Free Bearing Hanger Slash-Proof Belt SRR SRW Soft-Edge SSR SSW Slash-Proof Tot STR STW Accessible SAR SAW HAMMERLOCK SP-541 Strong, maintenance-free galvanized steel connectors. A Blue Imp standard for added safety. REPLACEMENT SWIVEL SP-32 25mm (1") oil-infused bronze bushings. SAFETY CHAIN SP-529 4/0 long link ACCESSIBLE SWING SEAT SP-533 Body-embracing design for support. May be added to existing swing. S-HOOK PLIERS SP-530 GALVANIZED S-HOOK SP-535 SWING SUPPLIES •  Hammerlock connectors instead of S-hooks for maintenance-free safety •  Zinc-plated chain with SilverShield coating for maximum corrosion resistance Swing Parts