117 STANDARD SWING M108 2.4m (8') high M110 3.0m (10') high T SWING T208 2.4m (8') high EXTRA HEAVY-DUTY SWINGS Available with 2-leg or 3-leg ends, various heights and multiple bays. Model numbers refer to swing frame only. Top beam: 3-1/2" (89mm) O.D. galvanized steel pipe Legs: 2-3/8" (60mm) O.D. galvanized steel pipe 2 Leg End 8’ High 10’ High 2-seat capacity S1082 S1102 4-seat capacity S2082 S2102 6-seat capacity S3082 S3102 3 Leg End 8’ High 10’ High 2-seat capacity S1083 S1103 4-seat capacity S2083 S2103 6-seat capacity S3083 S3103 Available with larger capacities and 12’ heights. ARCH SWING P108 2.4m (8') high P110 3.0m (10') high SINGLE LEG SWING L108 2.4m (8') high L110 3.0m (10') high Freestanding Fun | Swings Model numbers denote swing frame only. To order seats and bearing hangers, see p.118. All swings available with multiple bays.