113 Freestanding Slides are still a favourite for kids of all ages. Choose from ultra-durable stainless steel or plastic models, available in colours of your choice, with stepladder or enclosed vinyl-coated stair. Add a Rumble Strip for sensory fun! STRAIGHT SLIDE CN-44SS 1.3m (4') high CN-41SS 1.5m (5') high CN-45SS 1.8m (6') high Add a rumble strip! PLASTIC WAVE SLIDE CN-45PL 1.8m (6') high only PLASTIC SPIRAL SLIDE CN-94PL 1.8m (6') high only KIDDIE SLIDE CN-40SSV 0.9m (3') high Comes with enclosed stair. Plastic Slides Moulded from high-density, ultra-violet inhibited, double-walled polyethylene. DEEP DIP SLIDE CN-41SSDD 1.5m (5') high CN-45SSDD 1.8m (6') high Add a rumble strip! SPIRAL SLIDE CN-94SS 2.1m (6’9”) WAVE SLIDE CN-41SSW 1.5m (5') high CN-45SSW 1.8m (6') high Many variations available. Consider stainless steel for maximum durability. Embankment Slides Freestanding Fun | Freestanding Slides